Sticky Paws

The nice folks at StickySheets (, @stickysheets) sent me some StickySheets to try out. These are, well, duh, sticky sheets used to clean pet hair and lint from fabric surfaces like furniture and clothing.

Why, one asks, would it be called furniture if it wasn’t meant to have fur on it?

Nonetheless, I dispatched the staff to try out the StickySheets. Of course, you will realize that cats only clean themselves!

First they tried a whole StickySheet on the seats in Mrs. staff’s car, which are made of a heavy textured fabric – a rather poor choice from the claw holding standpoint, I might add. It took them a bit of effort to get everything peeled, straightened out and affixed to the seat, but they managed. And it did remove all manner of debris!

Then they set about cleaning the carpet in front of the, er, ahem, litter box. That was much easier, with more room to work in and a flat surface. The StickySheet got up quite a lot of small bits of litter as well as dust and cat hair.

At this point the staff were having a lot of fun and decided to cut a sheet into smaller parts. Mrs. staff used one on an fur-studded afghan with great success. She also cleaned the couch and other furniture. The StickySheets removed a lot of fur, and the furniture seems to work just fine afterwards – although I did let @ThatStripeyCat try it out first, just to be on the safe side.

Then Mr. staff, who isn’t very good at following directions, decided to try the StickySheets on his iPad, TV screen, etc. He and the equipment all emerged unscathed, and somewhat cleaner (the equipment, that is). I can’t speak for his cleanliness.

Overall, it seems like a success. The StickySheets remove cat hair and less exalted debris. They are especially good for deeply textured fabrics like the crocheted afghan and the car seats.

Now if you will be so kind as to excuse me, I must go get busy replenishing the supply of cat hair now missing from my environment.

Disclaimer: StickySheets provided three sample sheets and asked that I blog about them. No further incentives were offered, and no constraints were mentioned – like you could constrain me!

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