Tomorrow I go over the rainbow bridge

Dear loving friends and furriends,

With the #healingpurrs, #purrayers and #StrengthAndSupport you all have sent me and the love of my #cammiesporch furriends, I’ve lived about two months longer than the veterinarian first predicted I would when he diagnosed me with cancer at the beginning of October.

I’ve had a happy life with wonderful furriends, friends, and family, and a wonderful love-friend in @PepeBlackCat.

I’ll miss you all, but it’s my time to go over the rainbow bridge.  Mama and Papa will take me to the vet tomorrow morning, and I’ll pass over to the loving care of all who have gone before. @HollieCatRocks has promised to watch over me since Mama and Papa won’t be there yet, and @buckypg has promised to save me a special place in the black cat section.  I don’t think he’ll share his bourbon with me, but that’s okay.  I like water better – just like Pepe.

When you look into the sky tomorrow, my star will be glowing more brightly, shedding it’s light and love on all of you.

Special {{{ BlackenedCatShrimpSnugglesWithTailsEntwined }}} to my Pepe-Love-Cat.

I love you all.

Until we meet again,



27 Responses to “Tomorrow I go over the rainbow bridge”

  1. Big hugs to ur fambly & all who lub u.

  2. God Speed sweet Cammie, the gang at the RB will be waiting for you and they’ll take good care of you. We’ll try to help your Mama & Papa by sending them #ComfortingPurrs and lots of love. It has been an honor to sit on #CammiesPorch, thank you so much for being my furiend. Until we meet again, I love you sweet girl. ((HUGS))

  3. HollieCatRocks Says:

    My dear sweet Cammie. I promice I will not let you out of my paws sight. I will be there with you every step of the way. You will never be alone at rainbow bridge and I did talk to @buckypg and he said only the best for you. I love you dear Cammie and to MamaJ, Pepe (love friend) Stripey, Papa B, and HB i paw promice i take the best care of you. I will be waiting, for you at the edge of the bridge tomm and will take you to @buckypg and all who have left you before. *nosekisses* I see you soon sweetie. xoxoxo

  4. Dearest Cammie, sending you and your family so much love. I’m certain you will go feeling love and security with your Mama and Papa there. I feel fortunate to have known you, lovely girl

  5. Dear sweet Cammie. So sorry you has to leave us down here, but your oomans are performing the kindest, most loving act they can perform for you ever – to let you cross that forever bridge so you not suffer. They love you very very much to help you this way. We love you too sweetie and will never forget you. I’ll watch for your star tomorrow night – I just know it will be the brightest one in the sky. Love you sweet girll – until we meet again some day.

  6. With tears in my eyes I say farewell sweet Cammie…thanks for loving my cousins so well…their love for you is felt over the miles and through their words.

  7. Purrs and hugs for you for your journey tomorrow. May we all appreciate the time we have together and not fear the journey we will all take to be together again.

  8. Wif very leaky eyes, I knew this day would come, but am soo sad. You will be pain free soon & will also be a lovely rainbow who shines down on mom to let her know you are safe & happi.

  9. I shall leave the light on dear Cammie.
    We will watch for the special star that you and Pepe share
    I will watch with your sis-fur Stripey.
    We will watch our stars and take care of mamaJ.

    You will have Christmas at Rainbow Bridge.
    There will be snow and many friends there
    I have asked Bucky to share his bourbon with you
    for a special toast on Christmas eve with you.

    I will leave the light on dear Cammie.
    I will toast with all your friends as we look upwards
    through many tears but knowing you shall be
    free of pain and you shall look back at us

    We will take care of mama and send her many purrs and hugs of comfort.

    • That is so beautiful, Honeybell. Thank you so much for being the best brofur-in-law ever. Loves & purrs to Mama Nina, too. I know she shares in Mama and Papa’s *sad. I’ll watch over you all. xoxoxo

  10. Dearest Cammie, you are so brave as you prepare for your journey Over the Rainbow Bridge. We came to know you only recently, but will miss you. Enjoy your special star. We will add an angel to our tree in your honor. Much hugs! Herman and Kim

  11. My sweet Miss Cammie, I so hoped this day wouldn’t come.

    I purr for you, I know you’ll see Inigo waiting to greet you and show you around.

    I purr for your sweet sister, she’ll miss you so much.

    I purr for your mummy and daddy – who will miss you so much.

  12. Susan K Stacy, PhD Says:

    Dearest Cammie,
    My eyes have leaked for the past week, knowing that you will be going across Rainbow Bridge. I know how sad your mom will be because I have kitties that are OTRB. When you get there, find my BlackBaby that looks much like you & tell him his mom asked him to look after you. You will also meet my Ty,Sam & many others from my childhood. Please tell them I love them & still think of them often.
    You will be very happy there, Cammie. There will always be furien
    ds to play with & you will never feel bad again.

  13. Dearest Cammie,
    Your furiends will be with your Mama & Papa as they say goodbye to you at the gate to the Rainbow Bridge. Our love will comfort them as they watch you step out of your pain and into the sunshine. Travel with a heart filled with our joy that you are now at peace.
    *nose taps* goodbye with love Jessie

  14. My dear Lady, #CammiesPorch has been part of Twitter and I shall miss seeing it scroll by. Your Mum and Dad will hurt when you go, and my Mum and I will grieve with them. God bless you and may your journey be a safe and swift one.

    You leave behind you friends and family who will miss you more than we can day.

    Respectfully yours,

    @DashKitten and Marjorie

  15. Much love Cammie princess, so sorry you have to go to the RB. Problem is, us humans never like to see you guys go, but we do understand that we have to let go sometimes. Much love to Mama and Papa. I have a story to share with them. ❤

  16. C.J. Panther Queen Says:

    Sweet Cammie, you will be missed. Love, warm hugs, and gentle purrs to you and your family. Xxooxx

  17. henryandfriends Says:

    ower deerist cammy .. strokes .. strokes .. yoo dus be gowin on yor fynul jerny surrowndid wiv luvs from us al. wen yoo get to yor new forevva ome frends wil meet yoo an yoo wil be a new starr in th evvun. we wil look from ower windo an see yor brite lite twinklin in th sky.
    i noes mama j an papa wil be sad but ther arts dus be filld wiv luvs an appy memrys. we luvs yoo .. henry

  18. Bless. I know your transition to the Rainbow Bridge will be peaceful. Just know that you are deeply loved. Go with love.

  19. All my purrs and love to you and your family at dis purry sad time.

  20. Go wiv all mai luv an I will be purring an watching your brite lite shining sweet Cammie. *softpaw*

  21. You’ve given so much love to your family and to us all dear sweet Cammie. We’ll wave at the new star shining over the Rainbow Bridge and always think of you. Love and Hugs of comfort to your family. Love, Jinny, Pixel & Mama.

  22. Admiralhestorb Says:

    Precious darling girl, love and peace not only to you sweet one but to your pawrents who are grieving your passing from their living care.

    Love and pawhugs and purrs and warmth to you and your dear family. I will meet you there. I’ll be next to @Holliecatrocks.

    My love always, dear one.


  23. oh Cammie, we so very sorry to hear this! We know how much your mama & papa will miss you! Ryker’ll be up there to say hello and we’ll give your humans extra purrs to help them through this.

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  25. Even after all of this time, my mom still gets leaky eyes. xoxoxox

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