About Her Grace



Please allow me to introduce myself, as there seems to be no one else around to perform that office. My name is Cammie, which is not a diminutive despite the unfortunate tendency of some people to call me “Camouflage”, “Chamomile”, “Camembert”, or even “Camshaft” on occasion. Although I will admit the first hits close to the mark as I’m quite well camouflaged in the dark!

I am, of course, a cat. In addition to denoting my species, “cat” also serves as a handy acronym for Center of All Things; a pretty good description of how cats should be treated. Especially black cats, the quintessence of the feline species.

I was born in the Spring of 1998 (my staff celebrates my birthday on April 1st). After some youthful adventures I came to live in my present situation in January of the following year. I live quietly with one feline companion named Stripey and a small staff. The Stripey Menace also has a blog and can be found on Twitter as @ThatStripeyCat.

My primary interests are eating, sleeping and being petted. However, even a cat can’t eat and sleep all the time, and my staff isn’t able to tend to me every moment. So I thought I’d start a blog to share my wisdom. Be assured that my doing so has nothing whatsoever to do with any jealousy of Stripey’s ventures on the internet. My eyes have always been green!

Of course you’re welcome to follow along here, or through my rss feed, and may also wish to follow my ramblings or tweet me on Twitter as @HerGraceTheCat.

Please excuse me, its time for my nap now.


3 Responses to “About Her Grace”

  1. Hello Cammie, it is a delight to meet you. How beautiful you are!

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. Cammie, I not know you has a bloggie….I like it very much! xo

  3. Wonderful blog, Cammie – you certainly have humans figured out! I’m surprised more people haven’t realized what CAT stands for – so obvious, when you think about it… 🙂

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