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Tomorrow I go over the rainbow bridge

Posted in over the rainbow bridge on December 19, 2011 by hergracethecat

Dear loving friends and furriends,

With the #healingpurrs, #purrayers and #StrengthAndSupport you all have sent me and the love of my #cammiesporch furriends, I’ve lived about two months longer than the veterinarian first predicted I would when he diagnosed me with cancer at the beginning of October.

I’ve had a happy life with wonderful furriends, friends, and family, and a wonderful love-friend in @PepeBlackCat.

I’ll miss you all, but it’s my time to go over the rainbow bridge.  Mama and Papa will take me to the vet tomorrow morning, and I’ll pass over to the loving care of all who have gone before. @HollieCatRocks has promised to watch over me since Mama and Papa won’t be there yet, and @buckypg has promised to save me a special place in the black cat section.  I don’t think he’ll share his bourbon with me, but that’s okay.  I like water better – just like Pepe.

When you look into the sky tomorrow, my star will be glowing more brightly, shedding it’s light and love on all of you.

Special {{{ BlackenedCatShrimpSnugglesWithTailsEntwined }}} to my Pepe-Love-Cat.

I love you all.

Until we meet again,