From the Paw of Her Grace

Posted in cats, Twitter on March 24, 2009 by hergracethecat

Please permit me to introduce myself, as it seems there’s nobody here to do it for me. What, no concierge?

I am, of course, a cat. And as you should (but may not) know, “cat” is a convenient acronym for Center of All Things, an excellent description of any cat!

My name is Cammie; this is not a diminutive, despite some people calling me “camoflauge”, “chamomile” or even “camshaft”. Not that I’m not well camoflauged, being a black cat.

It seems that having a blog is quite the thing to do these days, so I feel I should offer my own humble entry. Well, not too humble. I’m a cat, after all.

Please note that this has nothing whatsoever to do with @ThatStripeyCat having a blog. I’m certainly not jealous! Though I do have green eyes.

In addition, I’m known to tweet from time to time (no, I didn’t swallow a birdie).